What is Arbitration? What is Med/Arb?

Arbitration is attractive to families who wish to resolve family issues in a timely and confidential manner.  The arbitrator will work with the parties and their lawyers to design a hearing process that will allow them to resolve their family law issues by way of a legally binding decision on their timeline and with their preferred procedure.  The decisions of the arbitrator have the force of court orders.  Arbitration is often used in conjunction with mediation to ensure that there is a resolution to family law issues at the end of the process.  In a “mediation/arbitration” or “med/arb” process, the parties first engage in mediation but they agree that any issues not resolved by consensus through mediation will proceed to arbitration.  In a med/arb process, the mediator also acts as the arbitrator.  In this way the parties are assured that all of the issues will be resolved.

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